Why ProShot? Course Management

ProShot Golf's emphasis has always been to "Keep It Simple" by providing a reliable Course Management & Cart Tracking solution for golf course owners, operators and managers in conjunction with a user-friendly GPS cart mounted yardage system for the golfer.

By choosing ProShot you get:

  • Affordable Lease Programs
  • Increased Cart Fee Justification
  • Exact Distances and Pin Placement
  • Increase Pace of Play
  • Industry Leading Service Support
  • Best System Reliability in Industry!
  • Discounts for Multiple Courses

ProShot Golf provides the entire GPS solution, with leasing options that are the most affordable in today's market.

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"I like to create a golf experience that provides a great deal of enjoyment. I'm quite pleased with the way the ProShot Golf system has improved the quality of play and both golfers and course management have found it to be a tremendous benefit. From what I've seen, it's a product whos time has come."

Tom Fazio, Golf Course Architect

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ProShot Golf is the industry pioneer in providing total golf course management through its proprietary Course Management System.

ProShot Golf Course Management System
  • Dedicated Communications Network
  • Real Time, On Screen Cart Tracking
  • Host Computer Provided with HD Monitor
  • Pace of Play Alerts
  • Cart Path Only Alerts
  • Cart Travel Replay by Round

Course Management System benefits:
Other benefits include Hot Zone feature for Protected Area alerts to protect environmentally protected and hazardous areas, Increase Safety, Increase Sales, Useful Management Reports, Blind Shot Warning feature, Drive Distance feature and more!

With ProShot Golf you get Accuracy, Dependability and Performance at the right price!

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