RAMS - Remote Asset Management System - Golf Course Management
RAMS – Remote Asset Management System

Remote Asset Management System

All SENTINEL models are linked to ProShot Golf’s proprietary Remote Asset Management System or RAMS and the entire system is fully covered under a no-cost lifetime warranty and is supported by ProShot Golf’s industry leading customer service and support program.

ProShot Golf is the industry pioneer in providing total golf course management through its proprietary RAMS Course Management System. Utilizing the RAMS Course Management System, the clubhouse can monitor, communicate and record the position of all carts on the course in real time.

ProShot Golf’s RAMS Course Management System allows staff and management to automatically generate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Such reports include, but are not limited to, Pace of Play, Cart Utilization, Course Load Report and Cart Traffic/Trail Report. ProShot Golf has the unique ability to tailor and customize its reports to suit the needs of each individual golf course operator.

Benefits of using RAMS

  • Full Course Real Time Management
  • Pace of Play Monitoring
  • Cart Usage and Rotation Reporting
  • Messaging to One, Some or all Carts
  • AdManager™ Ad Placement Application
  • Positional Promotional Messages
  • Cart Trail Replay by Cart or Fleet
  • Three Years Cloud Storage of Information
  • Automatic Monthly Management Reports
  • On Demand Reports Anytime
  • Remote Password Protected Internet Access
  • Track Marshals and Beverage Cart
  • 24 Hour Technical Support

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