ProShot Golf’s latest offering is the SENTINEL series.  These GPS based “hands free” complete golf course management systems, like a trusted sentinel, watch over, guard, protect and provide warnings concerning the golf course owner’s three primary assets: the golf carts, the golf course itself and the golfers. Regardless of which SENTINEL model is installed, golf carts equipped with ProShot Golf’s technology are easily monitored, tracked, communicated with and reported on in real time.


Regardless of your budgetary or operational requirements, ProShot Golf has a SENTINEL system to meet your needs.  Choose SENTINEL to help guard your assets and manage your course.

All SENTINEL models are linked to ProShot Golf’s proprietary Remote Asset Management System or RAMS and the entire system is fully covered under a no-cost lifetime warranty and is supported by ProShot Golf’s industry leading customer service and support program.

Click here to view a video demonstration of our SENTINEL system.