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ProShot Golf

ProShot Golf is the industry pioneer with over a quarter-century’s experience in providing low cost, fully reliable, communication, information and course management systems for golf course owners and operators.

ProShot Golf’s emphasis has always been to “Keep It Simple” by providing a reliable Course Management & Cart Tracking solution for golf course owners, operators and managers in conjunction with a user-friendly GPS cart mounted yardage system for the golfer.



RAMS - Remote Asset Management System - Golf Course Management
RAMS – Remote Asset Management System

Your total golf course management solution

ProShot Golf is the industry leader in providing total golf course management through its proprietary RAMS Course Management System. Using the RAMS Course Management System, the clubhouse can monitor, communicate and record the position of all carts on the course in real time.

ProShot Golf’s RAMS Course Management System allows staff and management to generate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Such reports include, but are not limited to, Pace of Play, Cart Utilization, Course Load Report and Cart Traffic/Trail Report. ProShot Golf has the unique ability to tailor and customize its reports to suit the needs of each individual golf course operator.

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SENTINEL Golf Cart Mounted In Cart Tracking GPS Systems


SENTINEL – ProShot’s latest GPS offering

ProShot Golf’s latest offering is the SENTINEL series.  These GPS based “hands free” complete golf course management systems, like a trusted sentinel, watch over, guard, protect and provide warnings concerning the golf course owner’s three primary assets: the golf carts, the golf course itself and the golfers. Regardless of which SENTINEL model is installed, golf carts equipped with ProShot Golf’s technology are easily monitored, tracked, communicated with and reported on in real time.

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